Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tile research in Valencia: part II - the Nolla factory and "palace" in Meliana

After I read about the factory in Meliana, I had to go there of course, to see what is left of it. There is a metro station "Meliana" and from the train I could already see the "castle".
The factory was built in 1860 and began to work from 1864/65.

In this old photo you can see the bottle-shaped kilns. The factory walls still stand today, the belong to Schneider Electrics, who did not let me get onto their premises.

So I walked all around it, until I came to the "palauet Nolla", the palace-showroom, where Miguel Nolla received his most important clients. The building is now in ruins and - of course - fenced off.

On the façade you can see the portrait of the founder, the picture that was also used as title of the exhibition (see post before).

In the museum they also depicted the floor plan with its different mosaics.

Only one window was not completely closed and I could get a glimpse of the floor.

As you might see it was the room on the bottom right of the plan.