Saturday, September 1, 2012

Floor tiles in Paris

Recently I had the opportunity to stay in Paris for a week. I thoroughly enjoyed it - more in my other blog.
Of course I also had a look on the floors in search of tiles. This is what I found:

Kürzlich hatte ich die Gelegenheit eine Woche in Paris zu verbringen. Ich habe es sehr genossen - mehr darüber in meinem anderen blog.
Natürlich habe ich geschaut, ob es geflieste Fußböden gibt. Diese habe ich entdeckt:

Hace poco tenía la oportunidad de estar una semana en Paris. Lo he disfrutado por completo - más en mi otro blog.
Naturalemente he mirado los suelos en busqueda de losetas. Estas he encontrado:

Interesting, all of these really old ones (XIX th century) are encaustic ceramic tiles. I also saw some cement tiles, but not so beautiful patterns and therefore much newer. I must assume, that the invention of cement tiles started somewhere in the south of France.

Interessanterweise sind alle diese wirklich alten (XIX. Jahrhundert) Fliesen aus Keramik. Ich habe nur einige Zementfliesen gesehen, längst nicht so schön und deutlich jünger. Deshalb denke ich, dass die Entwicklung der Zementfliesen irgendwo in Südfrankreich begonnen hat.

Es interesante a notar que todas estas muy viejas losetas (del siglo XIX) son de cerámica. He visto unos pocos suelos de cemento, pero no si bonito y más nuevo. Por eso pienso que la utilización de losetas de cemento empezó en el sur de Francia.


  1. Thanks for posting your photos. LOVELY !! And I spot some patterns that are still quite popular today. The third photo down is one we call New Castle or in our in-stock tile, in a two-tone gray colorway, Nuevo Castillo. It is our best seller I think. I wish people now would take the trouble to do the elaborate borders that were once so much a part of cement tile floors.
    It is so nice to have photos of old floors and show people how well the floors stand the test of time. Hope your trip was wonderful ! Lundy

    1. Hi Lundy, thanks for your comment. Yes, the tiles are lovely, but I have to mention again, that they are not CEMENT but CERAMIC tiles. It seems the method was invented for ceramic, and then someone (in the south of France) got the idea to make it in cement. One day I´ll have to travel there and see where it all bagan...

  2. Your photos of ceramic tiles are amazing! I think one good advantage of ceramic tiles is it’s resistant to almost all of the common sources of wear for flooring, whether it’s fire, moisture, abrasions, slips, or frosting. And even if ceramic tiles are exposed to too much sunlight, the color does not fade at all. And the designs are just beautiful!

    Alana Geikie

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